Sunday, 1 January 2012

In which I bake cakes fit for fairies.

Firstly, I'd like to wish everyone a happy 2012! Was it just me or did this year go crazily fast? Anyway, I'm not gonna do the whole 2012 post as I kind of covered it yesterday. So, instead, think back to the 30th. I decided to do a bit of baking because I was seriously bored and none of my friends were free boohoo :(.

I initially made blue icing but I realised I'd made blue icing the other day so I just did white instead and added a whole load of coloured chocolate balls. They tasted yuuumy. A bit sickly though :(. I used my icing bag to create the swirly and pointy icing effects. You can get one from amazon or ebay with changeable nozels but or you could get one from somewhere like TKmaxx, which is where mine came from and it has something like 40 different nozels. It's great!

Do you like baking? Maybe you could share some of your creations?
Again, happy new year!



  1. these look unbelievably AMAZING!
    yummers :D
    Happy 2012 poppet!

  2. they look good and pretty devilish yummy!!


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