Tuesday, 31 January 2012

In which I seriously consider dip-dyeing my hair. Dilemma.

I have really long hair and have done pretty much my whole life. I think it's one of my favourite things about myself. It's not very exciting though - straight and mousy brown. I had thought about chopping it all of recently, but everyone I told, I got a horrified reaction from so I decided to keep it long, especially since long hair is quite in at the moment what with vintage fashion and all. Anyway, until I was about eight my hair was white-blonde and went literally golden in the summer:
This was taken on my first day of school so I was four here. (sorry for the bad quality, blame my mum's old camera!)

However, after about the age of eight my hair started turning brown until we get to today. This is my hair now:

Considerably darker, although it's still very light on the end compared to the roots, which brings me to my dilemma. Loads of people have told me I should dip-dye my hair but I'm really not sure that I'd want to dye it or that my mum would let me. I would only be going a couple of shades lighter on the ends if I was going to dye it so I thought perhaps I could use Sun-In or that John Frieda blonde spray or another lightening shampoo/conditioner/spray. I don't know if that would work the way I want it to though. I was just wondering if anybody knew anything about this and could offer me their expertise? Any tips. would be muchly appreciated!



  1. I have never dyed my hair, so I have no tips, but you would look amazing with dip-dyed hair! I think if just the ends were lighter, it would look so cool. I'd say go for it, but if you're not completely sure, wait a while :) x

  2. I actually have had my hair dip dyed for the last 6 months now and absolutely LOVE it!

    The best thing about it is that it can be really subtle and unlike most other dyes, you NEVER get roots, what more could you want?



  3. I don't have tips to share since I have never died my hair since birth.. I think, you have such a gorgeous hair and it looks good on you. You probably must not dye it :)


  4. Your hair is gorgeous as it is :)

    I've been thinking about cutting mine recently but got looks of horror, so now I want to dip dye mine! How weird.

    I really love the thought of it, I'm not sure whether I'm brave enough though!

    I think it looks really lovely though, so I'm sure it would look fab whatever you decide! :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  5. hello dear!

    Im 18 years old, and too, have never died my hair. Yours is absolutely gorgeous, and i think its good that your cautious of messing with something thats already great (i.e. if it aint broke dont fix it haha) but I also understand wanting to do something a little different. I recommend going to your salon ( to a hair stylist you trust of course!) and talk to him/her about getting a few highlights and lowlights in order to give your hair more dimension. I imagine itll cure your need for something different while still staying true to your natural color! plus the length will then look even better! and its definitely a more mum friendly idea!

    Much love,
    lauren xoxo

  6. I really want to do it too, if I wasn't working I so would ! You should do it!

    XO. Britt

  7. i was in situation like you. although i didn't had blonde hair when i was young. anyway, what i wanted to say is that i did ombre hair (you can see pics on my blog). it just highlights your hair at the bottom. check my blog and give me your opinion about my ombre ;)
    i'm following you ;)


  8. do it! i had the ombre dip-dyed style a few months ago and i loved it :)



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