Sunday, 8 January 2012

In which I hit the sales. Again.

You might remember from a couple of posts ago that Ellie from nominated me for the Kreative Blogger Award. Well, I am now delighted to say that I have been nominated for this award again. Twice! I simply wouldn't be able to choose 10 blogs that I follow, plus I'm sure everyone out there has recieved this award once or twice and is sick of reading through those posts so instead, I'd just like to thank Soph from and Bethanie from Please check out their blogs!

I'm not one to miss a bit of shopping if the opportunity is offered, especially since I've just recieved an enormous bundle of birthday money, so when my mum suggested a shopping spree at our local shopping centre, I gathered my money and ran to the car. (That's possibly the longest sentence I've ever written.) We're actually pretty well catered for at our small-ish local shopping centre, with a New Look, a River Island, a Next, a Gap, an Accessorize and a few others, however, the sales were pretty naff. I usually hate Next and everything in it but the sale was actually quite good and I bought a nice chunky knit jumper for £16.
I also bought a new pair of high heels from New look but they weren't in the sale. They were £19.99.



  1. I love the jumper, it's a gorgeous colour!

  2. I love your jumper! Makes me want to go shopping when really I should be saving.
    Issy xox

  3. Your jumper is very sweet :) Lovely colour x

  4. I love what you bought - both beautiful buys x

  5. I love the jumper! I bought a pretty similar one in the sale too, they're so cosy :)
    Bex x


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