Saturday, 21 January 2012

In which I buy a bunch of stuff.

Very inventive title, I know. That is what this post is about though: buying a whole bunch of stuff. You might remember I said I was going to the theatre last night. I had an outfit I wanted to wear but my friend and I decided to be a bit more casual so I went shopping to buy myself something nice to wear. Needless to say, I ended up buying myself a PILE of stuff to wear and I thought I'd show you everything I bought, plus what I ended up wearing last night.


Orange top: £3, yellow top: £3, shoes:£5?, belts: £1

I bought a couple of t-shirts, a pair of shoes, 2 belts, a pair of shorts (which I forgot to put in the picture),a pair of  jeans and a blouse. You can see the last two in the bottom pictures. I really needed a new pair of black pumps for school because mine have done that thing where the sole separates from the shoe and they look like some kind of shoe puppet.

I also went to River Island where I bought these (beautiful) shoes and a knitted jumper which was in in the sale. And yes, the jumper does say jumper on it: you know, just incase you've forgotten you're wearing a jumper! It's extremely cosey.
Left picture:
jumper: River Island, £20
Jeans: Primark £11
Right Picture:
Blouse: Primark: about £8?
trousers: New Look (old)
belt: Primark £1
shoes: River Island: £20

The picture on the left is the jumper and also the jeans I bought in Primark. The picture on the right is what I wore to the theatre. I bought the blouse in Primark Yesterday. I don't know why I look so out of proportion in that right picture. Probably a mix between my short legs and my cropped trousers.

What do you think?

Oh, before I go, I was reading THIS post a few days ago on Ettiene's blog about a charity that helps children in developing countries and said I'd share the link. So here it is: Please click and donate. Any donation from 1p to £1000 will be highly appreciated, by the sounds of things!


  1. I really love the River Island shoes! Love the jumper with 'Jumper' on as well haha.

  2. Love both your outfits :) And the RI shoes are so cute!

  3. those floral shoes are gorgeous! :)

  4. love the river island shoes, might have to get myself a pair!!

  5. Those pumps are so cute!

  6. I love all the things that you bought! The black pumps are lovely and so are the flowery shoes they are great! The t-shirts and belts are great too! Plus you look very pretty in your photos! XxxX


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