Sunday, 15 January 2012

In which the ground is crunchy.

♥Top - River Island  ♥Shirt - River Island  ♥jeans - Primark ♥shoes - converse

I woke up to beautiful wall-to-wall sunny blue skies today with frost on the ground. I always think frost is so beautiful and there's something strangely satisfying about walking over it, isn't there? 'Crunch crunch crunch' and then you look back at your footprints where the grass has been flatened. I love the way everything sparkles like it's covered in fairy dust, I love how how the frost just disappears when you touch it, I love breathing out a big cloud of steam and, I have to admit, I do still pretend I'm a dragon every once in a while. Leaves look especially pretty in frost because it all gets stuck in the little veins and you can see every little detail of the leaf. I even like the cold, it seems so fresh first thing in the morning. I'm starting to see the first signs of spring even though it's so blooming cold here still. That's ok though, I like spring.

In other news, though, I was out last night at a little gathering for my diving club and I thought you might like to see what I wore.
♥ dress - River Island ♥shoes - new look

Have a nice day everyone!



  1. I know, frost is lovely! You look gorgeous in that white dress x

  2. I love your white dress, your lipstick looks lovely too :)
    Bex x

  3. Love all the pics and cute whit dress!Now following,stop by my blog sometime!xoxo

  4. Your photography is really beautiful- those pictures are so wintery, it's gorgeous!

    I'm a new blogger creating my little 'Wonderland'...would love it if you came and stopped by,


  5. Love the dress you look great! X :)


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