Sunday, 22 January 2012

Burns Supper

Burns day, with a celebratory Burns Supper, is an annual occurance for my family, being Scottish and all. Of course, Robert Burns wasn't born until the 25th of January but my Grandad's staying with us at the moment so we decided to have our Burns Supper yesterday instead. We did the whole thing, Scottish grace, piping in the haggis (without the presence of an actual pip-player, merely a bag-pipe song on my dad's ipod), the adress to the haggis and even the adress to the vegetarian haggis. I know what you're thinking. Scottish people are stereotypically drunken kilt-wearing, haggis-eating red-heads. In fact, my dad does own a kilt (most Scottish men do) but he doesn't wear it every day, as is popular opinion amongst some. Also, my mum is a redhead and we do eat haggis, on occasion. We're not dunk all the time though, no.

Quite frankly, proper haggis is absolutely vile and looks like something that might come out of my dog's rear-end. Vegetarian haggis, while still looking slightly in-edible, is more pleasant to the taste and isn't made from a sheep's innards, as is real haggis. I assume it's made from various oats and vegetables but I can't be sure and don't really intend to find out.

Above is the 'neeps' (mashed turnip) and 'tatties' (mashed potato)

The right picture is of the adress to the vegetarian haggis, which my sister read before we ate. She took so long though that everyone had started by the time she'd finished reading.

On the left is my sister's plate, who was considerably braver than me, in choosing both vegetarian and 'real' haggis. My plate has simply veggie haggis, neeps and tatties. Admittedly though, everything on both plates looks suspiciously similar to baby sick. Trust me, it does taste (slightly) better than it looks.




  1. Mushed things do taste better! i would it this every day, looks tasty!
    xx Brigita

  2. Love the fact that you have posted some foody bits on here, really breaks up the blog a bit!

    Maybe you can visit mine when you get a change:



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