Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Brand Vs. Supermarket's own.

Something that always has me undecided when I'm shopping is should I buy a brand product or would I be better off just buying Tesco's own for half the price? It's a topic that does divide opinions. I know that lots of people swear by brands, where as others couldn't care less and buy the cheapest thing on the shelf.

Well, I decided to find out, once and for all, which I prefer. The two products I'm going to compare are Anatomicals body moisturiser and Sainsbury's moisturising lotion. If you read my post a few days ago about Soap & Glory's body butter, you'll know that something important to me when I'm buying skin care products is making sure they're designed for teenagers, as teenager's skin is very different to adults. (If you haven't read that post, you can find it HERE) This is why I bought the Anatomicals moisturiser in the first place, because it's targeted mainly at teenagers. I'm not sure how much either were but I know that Sainsbury's was cheaper.

Firstly, read the name of the Anatomicals one in the left picture, then read the message on the back of the bottle on the right. If you know who Don McLean is, you'll find it quite humorous, if not, google Don McLean's American Pie!

I personally find the Anatomicals bottle more eye-catching, given that it's designed for teenagers, although the simple white bottle of Sainsbury's makes me think that the product inside will be good for my skin and made from natural ingredients. The Sainsbury's bottle tells me its moisturiser is fragrance free (which it isn't) and dermatatalogicaly tested, which is something I always look for in a moisturiser as my skin is pretty sensitive. I could find no evidence on the Anatomicals bottle to show it was dermatalogicaly tested, so I have to conclude that it isn't. Boohoo.

Something that annoyed me about Sainsbury's own though, was when I opened the bottle to squeeze some onto  my hands, I found that there was no easy squeeze top on this one like there was on the anatomicals moisturiser. I like to be in control when I squeeze my moisturiser, and with this I was not. It was like the old glass Ketchup bottles - 'shake, shake, shake the bottle, none'll come and then a lot'll.' A HUGE blob came out when I shook it and I had to scrape some back in; not so easy I tell you.

Anyway, the two moisturisers looked, felt and smelled instantly different. The Anatomicals moisturiser was more 'clean' white and was stiffer. It also had a better smell: kind of tangy and fruity. Sainsbury's felt more moist in my hand, and was almost transparent. Despite it apparently being 'fragrance free', it smelled kind of like wood ( I know that's wierd!). Not unpleasant, but not as nice as the Anatomicals one.

I first rubbed in the Anatomicals moisturiser. It did take quite a lot of rubbing, but once I had my hands were beautifully soft and felt kind of powdery, if that makes sense? There wasn't much stickiness, either. When I rubbed in Sainsbury's cream, it took a bit longer to rub in but I could feel far more moisture in this one. It felt like giving my skin a drink. I really liked it. My hands felt more moist, and this is, of course, very important in a moisturiser.

Therefore, I have decided that I prefer Sainsbury's moisturiser as it is dermatalogicaly tested, has better results and is cheaper, although I do prefer the squeeze top on the Anatomical's bottle, and the smell.

What do you think? Brand or Supermarket's own?

(sorry for the VERY long post!)


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