Thursday, 22 December 2011

Versatile Blogger Awards!

Hello everyone,

I'm extremely excited to say that I have been nominated for the versatile blogger award by Ellie from! Thanks, Ellie!

I had seen awards posts before but had never really bothered to look too much into them but apparently, the rules are as follows:
1.Thank the person who nominated you and give them a shout out on your blog with a link to their blog.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself. 
3. Send on the award to 15 other bloggers whose blogs you appreciate and then let them know that they have won the award.
So, now on with my 7 facts. ..
1. I hate bad grammar. Hate hate HATE it!
2. My birhday is 2 days after Christmas
3. I'm very artsy fartsy and my room is covered in photos, top to bottom
4. Maths is the worst subject ever. I cannot stand it and it will be the best day of my life when I can drop it  next year.
5.I have freckles all over my face and I actually love them, I'm not me without them.
6. I like to rock climb, dive, and do anything to do with heights. I really like heights.
7. Winter is the best season, no doubt about it.

15 bloggers I whose blogs I like to read and think they deserve this award (in no particular order) are:
- Lizzie from
-Abbie from
-Molly from
-Daisy from http://www.call
-Charlotte from -Chloe from
-Claire from
-Mollie from
-Scarlett from
-Carys from
-Soph from
-Katie Rose (?) from
-Katelyn from
-Emma from

So thank you all very much for blogging! I like reading your blogs!



  1. Thank you sooo much Amy for nominating meee!!!!:)))

  2. Aw, thank you so much for the nomination! I'll do my post tomorrow :)

  3. Thank you so much for nominating me, it's unbelievably kind of you, I've posted my facts on my blog now :) xx

  4. Love the blog!
    Poppy xx

  5. Thank you so much for nominating me!:')

  6. Your birthday is two days after Christmas (happy early birthday!) and mine's nineteen days before (: yay December babies!

  7. Ah It's no problem everyone!
    Haha! I don't like having my birthday in December but thankyou anyway though hehe! Ya woo for December babies!

  8. Well done! You're so funny :) x

  9. Thank you for nominating me :)It's so sweet of you!!

  10. Aww thank you so much sweetheart. Lovely blog by the way, keep doing an amazing job. x


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