Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Soap & Glory: The Daily Smooth

I got a whole load of Soap and Glory stuff for Christmas/my birthday and I absolutely love it. I had planned on doing a review on thir hand cream, Hand Food, but it seems to have mysteriously disappeared so instead I'm going to review the body butter, The Daily Smooth.
The first thing that I really like about Soap and Glory is that it's targeted at teenagers. There isn't much in the way of skin products for teenagers out there and I know that I, as a teenager, often find myself buying products that are primarily targeted at adults when I know that my skin has different needs to an adult's. I don't know about you, but I find that the bottle is definitely designed to catch the eye of teenagers and the quirky name is something else that draws you to it.

When I opened the bottle, I was first hit by the smell. It has a lovely creamy smell and makes you want to rub it all over your body. It is body butter, and I would usually use it on my legs, but as I wasn't prepared to put pictures of my legs (which are covered in bruises) on the internet, I decided to use it on my hands instead.
The cream is so smooth and velvety and feels great as your rubbing it in. It's really soothing and feels like you're giving your skin a drink. I could feel it working away as soon as I was finished rubbing it in and my skin is now as soft as a baby's bottom (love that saying ha!) and feels packed with moisture. There was no stickiness and the immediate wetness you feel after rubbing it in was gone within a minute or so. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this product and will definitely, without a doubt, be buying it again. I will probably also invest in some of the other products in the Soap and Glory range as they are super amazing!
Highly recommended!



  1. I adore Soap and Glory and I completely agree - I love how it is targetted for younger girls as well as it's something I find really useful when buying for my younger sister etc.

    I also find it absolutely delliiiiiicious and love to use it in the summer - it's just so fresh and makes me feel like I'm on holiday. I always end up buying my sister a bottle...then sneaking some ;) but shhh dont tell anyone ha-ha


  2. I love soap and glory, their body butter is fab :)

  3. Thanks for following :) x

  4. Lovely blog.

  5. I love soap & glory! may have to add this to my collection! :)xx


  6. I have about 4 bottles of this at home!!
    Love your blog xx

  7. I got a lot of Soap & Glory too this Christmas. I'm not complaining; I completely agree - love their brand! x

  8. Just run into your blogy! Love it already! Merry X-mas btw!
    I've read a lot about Soap & Glory products, but we don't have it in our country :(
    I'm very interested in that hand cream everybody raves about! And now this butter caught my eye!
    Definitely agreed what you've said. Design wins every teenage heart! Also, I agree that there has to be something for teenagers and only for them. Skin of younger population is different in lots of ways ( elasticity and other ). I know that in my country are a lot of brands that caries skin care products only for younger population!
    I hope you're having awesome holidays!
    Stop by!


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