Sunday, 4 December 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Grab your hot water bottles bloggers, the snow arrived today! It started as hailstones (oh how I despise hailstones and sleet) but then the evil balls of ice started turning into snow flakes. It didn't snow for long and a lot of the snow has melted already but some remains. I have to say, I was like a little seven year old when it started snowing, running outside to try and catch the flakes on my tounge. Oh the days.

 I also looked out all my winter hats and gloves and stuff. I love love love the grey knitted mitts with the love heart. They keep my hands gloriously toasty and they were a steal from Primark!

 Oh. My. God. I found this in my drawer as well which I vaguely remember wearing. It was knitted for me by a friend's auntie and I absolutley LOVED it at the time. What was I thinking? Why would you want to be dressed as a walking Christmas pudding? It's also very itchy on the old noggin, which is never good. Anyway, I thought I might wear it out one day just to embarrass my friends. Oh goodness, I'm a funny one.

Have you had any winter fasion faux pas? Silly hats? Holy wellies? (been there, done that) Overly fluffy ear-muffs? Canvas shoes in the snow? I'd like to hear them!


  1. where on earth do you live?!? it was bright with sunshine where I am! <3

  2. I live in Edinburgh aha :) Yeah it really cleared up after that and it was lovely and sunny :D

  3. so jel!
    I WANT SNOW haha, really puts me in that overly festive mood :-) xxx

  4. I knoow but it's stopped now and most of it's melted boooohoo! :(x

  5. Hah, I clearly slept through the snow that day...

    Oh and you didn't miss anything from the coca cola van, when I got my free can of coke it started raining, so coke was the last thing I wanted to drink. I enjoyed some of the deep fried cheese from the german market after though, maaaaazin.

    Loving the crimbo pud hat x

  6. That hat is amazing!! :) Loving your blog!


  7. great photos,i love winter!
    and i actually adore that hat... you must wear it! :) xx


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