Saturday, 10 December 2011

In which the world turns into a snowglobe.

Last night we got the first 'proper' snow. A few days ago I posted about the very first snow we had, but it wasn't proper snow like this. That snow was icy and hard, whereas this snow is powdery and soft and makes that lovely squeaky sound underfoot. I got out of bed this morning and trotted over to the window like I always do in winter to see if its been snowing (as childish as it sounds, it's just a habbit that I've had since I was younger). I wasn't expecting to see snow, but when I did I just about fell through the window I was so excited! Obviously I had to go and inspect the quality of the snow so I pulled on my wellies and my skiing anorak and headed out the back door, eqipped with camera and hastily creating a Facebook status about the snow on my way. The dogs had already been outside so there footprints were everywhere! 
It felt freezing to me, but I could still hear little water droplets all around me as the snow was melting. I really hope it snows long enough for me to get a bit of sledging in. I even hauled my sledge out of the back of the cellar!

Louis was definitely enjoying the snow just as much as me!
He wanted me to throw this frost-covered apple from our apple tree because I hadn't brought a ball with me. Lovely. A slobbery apple.

Has it snowed with you yet?



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