Wednesday, 14 December 2011

In which I narrate previous Christmas disasters

Of course, as everyone knows, Christmas is approaching  so yesterday we started preparing our house for the festive season; chains of Christmas cards; the banister wrapped in fairy lights to within an inch of its life; tiny Christmas trees all over the place and little Santas sitting on all the surfaces.

However, you might have noticed that there was something essential missing... something you can't have Christmas without... the Christmas tree! Indeed, we do not yet have our Christmas tree proudly displayed in our front window because we aren't getting it until Friday. Booo! So at the moment we have nowhere to put the few Christmas presents we've already been given by friends although my dad says he would be content with one of the tiny Christmas trees I mentioned earlier. In fact, I came home yesterday and found he had put the Christmas tree that usually sits on the window-sill in the conservatory in the living room where we usually put our main, 7 foot tree. He was standing proudly beside it came out with "This is the perfect size!"

This is all very well, however, in the pastmy family haven't had much luck with Christmas trees. Yes, it has been an utter, utter disaster. The first year I remember having a Christmas tree I remember wondering why the heck we had a tree in our living room. It was a long time ago, that Christmas, though, and my mum recently reminded me that that Christmas tree was infested with ants. Another one we had was infested with wood lice which, in my opinion, are even more gross. We've also had one which was too tall for the room, one which was too wide to fit in the window, a bald one, a squint one, one which was bald on one side and horribly bushy on the other and one which died in a week and dropped its needles everywhere! We certainly haven't had the best of luck with Christmas trees!

Have you had any bad tree experiences?

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