Saturday, 31 December 2011

In which I look back and forwards.

2011. What can I say? This has definitely been the best year of my life so far. I've experienced so much, made a crazy amount of new friends and had an absolute blast along the way. Where to start?

At the beginning of the year, March, I went on a week-long skiing trip to the French alpes with my school. I had such an amazing time and made some really good friends and, of course, it was a beautiful experience. I had never seen anything like it and I learnt loads of new things!
The snow was PERFECT. It was exactly the right consistency on the mountains but it had completely melted down it the village and it was actually hot during the day although it did get really cold at night - there was one incident where I left a wet towel out to dry during the day but forgot to take it in at night and it had completely frozen solid. Oh.My.God.

Moving on, at the end of 2010 I had signed up for this exchange programme at school. The focus is all on saving the environment - not languages because the schools that were involved were Dutch, Norwegian and Scottish. Anyway, in April I hosted a Dutch boy called Bob. His English was very good considering the circumstances and we had an absolute ball, all week:


I definitely made some amazing friends and all the Dutch and Norwegian students that came over were so genuinely lovely and we were all amazed by how good their English was.

In June my school holds a week where first year to third year sign up to go on a variety of different trips, and this year me and my friends signed up for a week on the isle of Eigg, which is a tiny island off the west coast of Scotland. Only 95 people live there and 10 of them are children. This was one of the best weeks of my life. I had an absolutely AMAZING AMAZING time!

The next week, as part of the exchange project, 3 girls from my school and I travelled to Norway. I have never made so many friends in one week. The week started off a bit rocky but things only went up and it ended up as a week I will most definitely remember for the rest of my life. The people I met were so nice and most of them were hilarious, I was laughing constantly! They also taught me some basic Norwegian hehe!

So there you have it; my most memorable moments of 2011. I can't believe all of this happened on ONE year! It feels like yesterday I was saying "Happy new year!" to everyone. I honestly struggle to see how 2012 is going to live up to 2011, what with my standard grades coming up and the fact that I have almost nothing planned for next year. I'm going to France with the school again next year, though - Paris this time, whith the music department ha. If 2012 is half as good as 2011 it will still be an amazing year!

Wow. That was a very long post! I'm sorry if you got bored hehe!

See you next year! ;)x


  1. Glad you had an amazing year! Hopefully you'll have a great one next year too - happy 2012! x

  2. You too... Happy new year! :)x


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