Monday, 26 December 2011

In which I go to the boxing day sales.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I didn't post yesterday because I thought all of your dashboards would be heaving with Christmas posts so I just wanted to say that I hope evesryone had a wonderful day yesterday and that Santa treated you all well! I can't belive Christmas is over though - it still feels like Christmas should be weeks and weeks away. I am quite glad it's over though, because it's my birthday tomorrow. Wooooooo! I'm turning 15 so that means no more sneaking into films! I've decided to go to the cinema one day and just watch every 15 that's on, even if they're rubbish ha! I'm (supposed to be) getting a new camera so I'm absolutely buzzing.

I got this dress from River Island for Christmas and I love it! I can't wait to wear it.

These are just a few other bits and bobs I got, not everything though. I got a new ipod, Bridesmaids, a whole load of soap and glory stuff ( review to come!), a hat, a bag, nail varnish, a wee sparkly box thingy, a snood and a blanket and a sign from my Norwegian exchange partners, Malin and Yvonne. It says god natt & sov godt, which, I believe means good night & sleep well. I have hung it above my bed.

Today the boxing day sales were on in Edinburgh. It's always absolutely MANIC first thing in the morning because everyone feels the need to get up super early to get what they want and I actually read that Next opened at six o'clock. Why would you EVER be up that early in the holidays? Eh? However, as I didn't really want anything in particular, I arranged with my friend to go into town at ten o'clock, just to make sure there was still some stuff left. We ended up spending 4 and a half hours on Princes Street without actually buying much. I only bought one thing from the sales!
This is what I wore today. My big chunky knit jumper from River Island (which I also got for Christmas), black leggings from Primark and my chocolate uggs with the tops turned down to keep my tootsies toasty :)

I only actually bought four things (apart from a hotdog and coke!) and only one was from the sales. I bought a stripey jumper from H&M for £7.99, a top from Urban Outfitters for £10 pounds in their sale, a Barry M light blue nail polish and a mascara from superdrug.

This is the nail polish close up ( sorry for the rubbish picture quality!) I haven't tried it yet but I bought the mint green one a while ago and I really like it so I went back for more of the same. I might do a wee review about it soon, although on the other hand, I'll probably never get round to it! Hehe!

How was your Christmas? Did you go to the sales near you? Buy anything?



  1. The nail polish was from ASOS. I've just checked and it's still available :)
    Love the Barry M colour you got and the River Island dress is gorgeous!
    Happy birthday for tomorrow! xx

  2. Ok thankyou. I might have to buy it :) thanks hehe :)x


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