Sunday, 18 December 2011

In which I don my apron

Hey y'all!
On Friday we got our Christmas tree, finally! I was out with my friends (seeing New Year's Eve, which, by the way, is highly reccommended!) so I didn't get to decorate it but it was a nice surprise when I got in to see it all decorated, angel and all. It has that lovely Christmas tree smell that just reminds you of Christmas day and gives you the urge to sit and smell it all day. This tree seems ok, and so far we haven't had any of the problems mentioned in my last post (IN WHICH I NARRATE PREVIOUS CHRISTMAS DISASTERS.) although the angel is a little too heavy for the top of the tree so we had to temporarily remove her and re-allign the tree.

I have already, being the slightly clumsy person I am, managed to smash one of the baubles which you can see in the bottom right corner of the first picture. My dog also thinks the baubles are balls and keeps trying to pull them off the tree to drop them at my feet... silly hound.

Anyway, to celebrate I took it upon myself to bake a malteser slice. It was messy and after my dad trying to eat all the chocolate before I'd even started, I tried to melt it in a pan over the hob but it started boiling and bubbling. I decided just to stop that part when it started bubbling and crushed my digestives while I waited for it to cool down. In the end, though, everything turned out fine and I managed to make it in about 10 minutes. Seriously, easiest thing I've ever made and definitely one of the tastiest! You should give it a go!

I know the left picture looks suspiciously disgusting but it tasted delicious. I could have eaten it all like that. Mmm. I restrained myself, however, and waited until they were set. I'm very proud.
THIS is the recipe I used.

Also, while I was doing my washing up, I came across this...

... which is something I've always been fascinated by. I litteraly stood for about 10 minutes watching the water spray off that thing and putting my finger in the fountain of water to split up the flow of water. I don't know what it is that makes me so intrigued by it...

So, why don't you make a malteser slice? I'd really like to see your take on it if you do! Leave a link below!



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  2. They look so yummy! And your tree is lovely, ours always looks very dark...

    I always do that when I wash up. It's kind of weird when I make cake or bake something with my friends and I'm staring at the water for a few minutes;)

    I will have to try that recipe! *bookmarks page*

  3. I think your blog is lovely! I have nominated you for the Versatile blogger award! Click the link for more info!


  4. I'm clumsy too! My sister is probably MUCH clumsier ... but she'll kill me if she saw that.... but anyway.. I love your blog and I'll definitely try that recipe, I'm also fascinated by the image the water creates when it makes the "bubble" !
    Btw my blog is ----

    EmzyVera xxoxx


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