Saturday, 3 December 2011

In which I attend a Sweet 16

So, yes, I did infact attend a sweet 16 party. It wasn't, however, a raging drunken party. It was a meal at an Italian restaurant and a sleepover with a few friends. We decided to dress up and go for the whole heels and a dress malarky. I was going to wear heels but we were walking to the restaurant so I paired my military boots with my floral dress which actually worked surprisingly well. Really not much happened, although we did watch Bridesmaids (highly reccomended!) and The Unborn which, although a good movie, really isn't scary at all. I sat and laughed at most of the 'scary' bits because they were so completely rediculous.
I have to say I love these guys. And Mmm the ice-cream inside.

Me, Charlotte, Beth, Detta


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