Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The one where I empty my bag out.

So today, this is kind of a what's in my bag post except what's in my school bag post. Y'know, just cos I'm different and unique. I actually love my bag. It's so comfy and fits everything in. Also, it has a picture of my second favourite cartoon as a child, after Postman Pat, of course. What more could you ask for in a bag eh?

♥Bag - Lava (a boutique in Edinburgh)
♥Makeup bag containing not much - this was a present
♥Purse - Debenhams
♥Pen - WHSmith

There's also business management notes (yawny yawn yawn), a French textbook, some jotters, a calculator and a bottle of hand sanitizer for when I have to disect an eyeball in Biology and don't have time to wash my hands... that's a different story though.

I have barely any time on my hands at the moment with my prelims coming up and the enormous amount of homework I keep getting. It's unreal how much I have to do (and how much I keep putting it off). Anyway, the point is, if I don't post in a wee while, or my post are short, slightly un-exciting or not very detailed (like this one) that's the reason!

What's in your bag?

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