Wednesday, 30 November 2011

In which I find myself in cropped trousers in winter

The teachers are on strike today and personally I think they should strike more often. I wouldn't mind the odd day off school here and there. Well, since I'm on study leave it's not really an extra day off except for the fact that my modern studies exam has been rescheduled for Monday. However, my friend that moved away to Singapore three years ago is coming to visit today so my friends and I have decided to go meet him and I've decided to give revision the slip for today. It's nice just to relax and chill out, although I do still have the feeling that everything is just piling up on top of me and every time I finish one thing there's another 3 billion waiting for me. Ah well... what can I do?

Outfit - All new look except my converse.
A trip to the cinema today sees me probably slightly wierdly dressed for this time of year. "What!?" I hear you question me, "Cropped trousers in winter?!" Yes indeed. The colour matches my cardi and I just felt I'd get the most out of the sunshine I possibly could. Contrast these with possibly the warmest cardigin I own and my winter jacket, I do indeed look a bit of a state. But who cares? Life is for living, I say. (Please excuse the distainful look on my face. I don't know what happened there.) 

Also, this has nothing to do with this post I just thought it was kinda cool. Last night I began my latest doodle. So far it's turning out allright but everything's a bit spaced out. I'll keep you updated with how that goes!



  1. Girl, you look so sweet, like your blog do soo:)***

  2. I love your header!
    Poppy xx

  3. Hehe Thankyou :) Nice blogs


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