Friday, 28 October 2011

The one where I try to make baked alaska

So today, I thought I'd try some really adventurous baking. However, it turned out it was a little too adventurous for me. I thought I'd go for baked chocolate alaska although it sort of turned out like an enormous volcano you would get at a science fair, errupting.
It all started off with the cake being like cement. Then the chocolate icing went runny and  then the meringue wasn't thick enough. And... well.

Then all hell broke loose. My mum tried to tidy it up and she just made it worse. I tried to cut myself a wee slice before I put it in the bin but once I'd cut it, it sunk into the ice-cream and meringue and I couldn't find it. Boohoohoo!

Well, what can I say? It's been a learning curve if nothing else.


  1. While I don't know what baked alaska is meant to look like, that looks weirdly delicious. I'm now very hungry :) xx


    Should have grabbed a spoon and sat in front of X factor with the entire bowl!!! Well thats what I would been doing!! xx

  3. Baked chocolate alaska is supposed to be a dome shaped cake with chocolate ice-cream round it and then meringue in the middle but I might'a put the ice-cream in the micro-wave to soften it up. BAAAD idea!

    I know! I was all for eating the whole bowl but then I thought, since the meringue was raw maybe it wouldn't be the best idea hahahahah!


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