Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The one where I graze my chin


I love looking through all my old pictures on my laptop and sometimes I just find the most random things. I honestly find myself sitting on the couch, chortling away to myself at all the funny memories I have. So anyway, I just thought I'd share some of these with you guys:

The picture on the left was when I grazed my chin on the bottom of the diving pool. Well done me eh? (I'm a diver). The one on the right was when I wrapped myself in a sheet to look like a Bhuddist monk.        
I love this picture. I took it last winter at the River Almond

Pretty self explanitory I think?
This one. Oh god. I'm laughing just writing this. I stuck my head under a super-power hand dryer.

My pooch - Louis.

Pooch number 2 - Angus

And this one makes me laugh sooooo much. I was just shaking my head as fast as I could when my friend took a picture. Shake and take, I like to call it.

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