Monday, 24 October 2011


Well. I have my prelims for my standard grades coming up soon and today, while I was doing a bit of revision (notice the rather exciting pen and the very quirky mug of orange juice with my name on it), I got very bored and remembered my ‘genius plan’ from a previous post. I promised to keep you guys updated, so here it is. A visit to Princes Street took me up to 5 out of 7 items:
Cable knit tights - New look

Quirky printed tee - Primark (I got thia a couple weeks ago. We don't have a Primark in Edinburgh yet.)

Chunky knit cardi - with a fairisle pattern (this counts as 2) - New look 
The bracelet on the far left - Pie in the Sky ( a little boutique-type shop)
please excuse the drawing on my hand (that is the results of my revision boredom)

             Top - H&M


  1. Oh my God, I am in love with your cardigan!

    I have been in New Look so many times lately and never seen it, damn!

    Jazz xo

  2. aha thankyou! I saw it in one shop but they didn't have it in my size :( so I looked online but it's not there so I went to yet another shop and finally... voila :)

  3. Love the cardigan! The patten is great :) X


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