Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Au Natural

I love Natural Collection. A lot. It's so cheap and not only that, it's good quality which, to be honest, doesn't happen very much. I think I must have bought my very first Natural Collection mascara about... two years ago? And since then, every time it runs out I go back for the same one.

My favourite mascara is the Lash Curl one. It does take a few layers and it makes your eyelashes go a wee bit clumpy but It's really easy to separate them with the end of the wand. The mascara holds amazingly well all day at school and there's no need for re-appliance. Also, it doesn't do that really annoying thing where it flakes off your lashes during the day and makes it look like you have black dandruff all over your face, which is never pretty. And the thing I REALLY like about it is that, despite not actually saying it on the tube, the mascara seems to be pretty much waterproof. I'm a diver (springboard, not scuba) and I wear it in the pool all the time without getting panda eyes haha!

However, all this taken into account, I have to say that the best thing about it is the price. . . £1.99! Yup! It's definitely my best makeup buy at an excellent bargain. Highly recommended!

What are your best makeup buys and have you ever tried Natural Collection?


  1. love them too :) got this mascara! x

  2. love the blog! nice mascara x :)

  3. might just have to pick this up the next time i go up town:)One natural collection product Id DIE without is the clear mascara, i have one for my eyebrows and one which i use as a base for my mascara, best product ever!

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  4. You should! It's reaally good! Yeah, I've had that one before too it's quite good! Nice Blog :D I'm following!


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