Sunday, 11 September 2011


As a lot of teenagers are these days, I am pretty into fashion. At the moment I'm really into the whole vintage thing and I think it looks really feminine and soft. There's quite a lot you can do with it and there's loads of shops that stock that kinda thing. Probably the best shops for it are Urban Outfitters, Topshop and New Look although loads of other shops stock it too and online stores are definitely worth a peer for the vintage look in question.

Dress:- Topshop
Blazer:-Dorothy Pekins
Brogues:- Urban Outfitters

I would also just like to take the time to mention the 9/11 attcks...
It's so Horrible to think that ten years ago, while I was just being a little four year old, I was completely oblivious to the fact that people the same age as me were losing mothers, fathers, aunties, uncles and other loved ones, at exactly that moment in such a terrible way. I could never imagine losing someone I love in a way as horrific as that and to think that hunreds of people never even got a chance to say goodbye makes me feel so sick. May all those who died that day be fondly remembered forever and my heart, and my sympathy go out to everyone that lost someone on that tragic day.


  1. I love that spotty shirt dress too, I have just posted about it myself in my September Wishlist!
    We obviously have similar taste!

  2. Yeah I guess we must haha!
    Nice blog :)


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