Saturday, 10 September 2011

Summer into Autumn

I am horrified to admit it but this week I found myself in ... a scarf! Yes, a scarf!!! The last dregs of (the rather rubbish) British summer are beginning to drain away and the temperature is falling ever so slightly. *cries*. However, although that may be the last sunshine for the next nine months, don't fall to pieces just yet - there are a couple of good things that come out of this.

Firstly, the closer we get to winter, the closer we get to snow (hopefuly)! I know some of you probably hate it but to me, snow is a godsend. Last year, with that enormous dump of snow we got, here in Edinburgh, we managed to get a whole week off school because of snow disruption. I probably could of got to school if I'd tried but I wasn't really prepared to make that awful cold walk to school with snow slushing into my wellies and have snowballs containing huge great rocks propelled at my head the whole way. Plus, school was shut, so there would have been no pint in going even if I had wanted to. But anyway, I'm going off on a tangent. 

Snow also enables something wonderful - sledging of course! For anyone from the US, that's sledding to you. You haven't lived if you haven't been sledging. It's something I enjoyed when I was four and something my mum, who's coming up for fifty one, still enjoys!

The third reason I love winter is that, in Edinburgh every year, they set up a really good fair thingy mabobber :
It's called winterwonderland and it's quite simply UH.MA.ZING. And what you can see in this picture isn't the best of it - just up to the right there's a whole load of really good rides. They've got one of those HUGE spinner things that's like a big arm and it goes round in circles, turning you upside down etc. There's also one of those crazy waltzer things that picks you right up and spins you round and round and one of those big elastic band balls that you sit in and then you're launched into the sky. So - that's why winter tops summer as my favourite season!
Peace! :)x

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