Monday, 12 September 2011

Summary of Today

I don't really have much that's interesting to say today so I thought I'd just give you a little summary of my day.
It didn't start well - I managed to sleep in thirty five minutes. I completely slept through my alarm which is a pretty rare event for me. I'll set the volume a notch or two higher tomorrow I think. Anyway, I managed to get back on top of time and get to school on time. However, I couldn't find my school skirt so I had to wear my old, very short skirt which meant I was slowly waddling around all day, pulling it down. Not so hot. The rest of the day was good though although I did have to walk home in an absolute hurricane!

When I got home from school I found an ENORMOUS fairy toadstool in my garden. Can't you just imagine a little pixie sitting on top of it? I think it's so cute!

I then felt in the mood for some baking so I made some cupcakes.
They are YUMMMMMMY! There was a bit of a palava with the icing though. I tried my new icing bag, which has 24 different nozzles but the icing was too runny and the cake case overflowed. Boo.  So I stuck to a spoon and some sprinkles.

So basically, that was my day! A pretty good day if you ask me. Just hope I wake up on time tomorrow *crosses fingers* !

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