Monday, 19 September 2011

Shop 'till you drop ... Well, not really

Hi everyone!
Firstly, notice the addition to the wee logo thingy at the top  (the photos)! I thought it looked a bit bland. I need your opinion - do you think I should keep the photos or lose them altogether? I quite like them but I just thought I should ask for a second opinion.

Ok, now on with the post...
I went to visit my Granny and Grandad, up in Aberdeen this weekend and while we were there my mum decided she was feeling a bit generous so she took me on a little shopping spree (whoopdedoo!). Now, when I say little I do mean little. We only spent an hour and a half shopping because we'd only paid for two hours in the car park and we knew, in a city that wasn't our own, we would have trouble finding our car again. We were correct. After we'd found the car park, which was an adventure in itself, we spent ten minutes looking for our car before we decided we'd have to ask the attendant. In the end we found the car and drove off home.

 I apologise in advance for the crap photos, my camera is broken so I had to use my old one :( boo.

A new charm for my bracelet :D

Belt (£2) and charm (£1) - both Primark
Skirt (£12.99) - H&M
I bought some other stuff too but just things like a hairbrush and some vest tops which I thought were a bit boring so I didn't take photos of them.

Words cannot describe how much I love Primark. I'm not one of those people you see where everything they're wearing is from Primark, but sometimes on a lazy day I just shove on my Primark leggings and a Primark t-shirt. I mean let's be honest, who hasn't done that before?!

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