Wednesday, 14 September 2011

It's a hairy situation...

I thought today I'd show you my sort of ... signature hair looks. These always bring in cart-loads of compliments and make me feel really good about myself.

This first one amazes me - barely anyone has seen it before and the number of people that ask me how I do it is huge. I even had a random girl come up to me once and ask me how I did it. Thing is, it's sort of hard to show them without un-doing all my hair. Anyway, it's called a fish-tail plait.

FISHTAIL PLAIT - works on mid-length to long hair
(My apologies for the crapola-ness of this picture - I look like a bit of a bogey-monster)

 First, sweep all your hair round to one side. Split it into two parts like this ^.
 Next, take a small-ish piece of hair from the front of one section and cross it over to the other side. Include it in that bunch. Now, do that on the otherside and keep alternating the sides. The first few strands you have to cross over are the hardest. Just make sure you don't drop them!
 Once you've got it going like this, it should be pretty easy from here on in. It's just a matter of doing this all the way down now.
keep going until you get to the bottom and every strand of your hair is in the plait. When you get to the bottom, tie it with a bobble. It will probably take you a few tries to get it right, don't worry though, practice makes perfect! Also, the first time, not gonna lie, it took me about fifteen minutes to get right, now though, I've got it down to about three minutes! It's also really good on second day hair and hiding any unwanted waves, curls or frizz.

Number 2 is a hairband plait. This one's pretty simple but people still think it's really cool. I always get asked
           "Is that your own hair, or is it a hairband?"
Proudly, I answer that yes, in fact, it is my own hair. Woo! It never fails to amaze me how many girls think all they can do with their hair is a ponytail.

Hairband plait - works best on long hair

 First, all you need to do is collect a section of hair to plait. Try to pick it up from under the top layer of hair so that you can't see where it starts (hence the whole, 'is that your own hair?' thing) So anyway, plait it almost to the bottom and tie it with one of those tiny, elasticy bobbles.
 Next pull the whole plait over to the other side of your head, shift some of the top layer of hair out of the way and then attach it with a kirby grip just above your ear.
Lastly, just let the hair that you shifted out of the way hang down over the Kirby grip so you can't see where the braid ends. Now ... TAADAA! And let the compliments start rolling in!


  1. aww I love fishtail braids! I actually just wrote a post on them a couple days ago too. Cute Cute! Ill have try the second style. Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Oh wow! That's really wierd... great minds think alike though eh?
    Nice blog :) I'm following

  3. Oh my, your able to do the fishtail braid! I'm so jealous, it's so hard for me to do lol.


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