Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Genius Plan!

Ok, I'm not one that spends A LOT of money but I never seem to have any money, like, ever. Don't get me wrong, I splurge sometimes but not that often. So, to cope with this problem I have concocted a plan. I have made a list, well, a display, of the things I want to buy soon and I have decided that I'm not allowed to buy anything unless it's on my list. I guess it's like a wish list but it's not just for one month - I just keep going until I have everything from the list, and when I do I'll make a new list! Clever eh? I've tried to think 'winter & Autumn' since it's starting to get colder now :-
1. Chunky knit cardigin (Topshop) - I think they look so cosy, especially since it's coming up for winter!
2. Maroon jeans (River Island) - Perfect for Autumn
3. Suede ankle boots (sorry! Don't remember where these are from!) - I need some cute, substantial boots
    that'll keep my feet snug.
4. Quirky printed tee (David &Goliath at chicksrule.co.uk) - It's too small to see in the picture but it says
    "this is how I roll" on it. I just think it's pretty cool ha!
5. Cute little pendant on a long chain (hannahmakesthings.com) - This is sooo cute! I love it!
6. Fairisle sweater (Next) - You can't go wrong with a big cosy patterned knit to keep you as snug as a bug
    in a rug in the chilly winter months.
7. Cable knit tights (H&M) - I need a warm pair of tights so that I can keep wearing dresses right through 

I'll keep you posted with how this goes! If anybody else does this sort of thing or has anything in particular they want to buy for autumn/winter I'd like to hear about it!


  1. that chunky knitted jumper looks gorgeous!

    cara at

  2. It really does/1 I had quite a bit of trouble finding one I liked.. Nice blog ha! :)


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