Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Barry M Crackle Polish

At the moment I'm pretty much in love with Barry M's Crackle Effect Nail Polish. I think it's really unique and let's be honest - it's pretty damn awesome! You'd think it would involve all this nail art, coctail stick malarck but it doesn't.
All you have to do to get these rather lush looking nails is firstly, paint on 2 layers of any colour you want. It doesn't have to be Barry M but it works better if it is because the paint tends to come off underneath the crackle layer if it isn't.  My personal favourite Barry M colour is mint green. It's really pretty and pastely. Next, paint on ONE layer of the crackle effect nail polish and then sit back and watch while the magic begins! When this layer is dry paint on a layer of clear top coat. That's it!
I guarantee everyone who sees your nails will compliment them. It looks soo funky and pretty on your nails. You should totally invest in some of this!

Peace :)x

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